42" Rod & Reel
Our family loves to go fishing at our parents 75 acre farm near Utica, Ohio. We all want to fish from the dock that extends out into the pond.
With the trees nearby and several kids on the dock, soon their fishing lines get tangled together with a standard length rod. With a 42" rod, the problem is almost eliminated, which leaves more time to fish!

You should try one of our 
Custome Made,
42" Rod and Reel fishing Poles.
You will be presantly suprised!

They are light in weight, perfect in length and Sensitive!

The wood handles are individually 'hand made!' 
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Single Quanity 42" Fish Rod 
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This page was last updated: May 10, 2014
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Lucky Lacy's Custom Rods
The Original "Lucky Penny " Wood Handle
        Lucky Lacy's Custom Rods

Our "Lucky Lacy" Custom Fishing Rods are individually hand made from 5' to 6'6", with exotic wood handles that have been sealed in a 2 part epoxy, Fuji guides, graphite rod, and a graphite reel seat that accepts standard size freshwater reels.  All of the rods have custom thread art work from classic to wild.  The graphite rod and reel seat are centered in the (3) pieces of exotic wood and is continuous from the the bottom of the rod to the top.  All of the Lucky Lacy Rods have the same basic features, a design that makes the rod light and very sensitive.     

This is your personal custom fishing rod......on the end of each rod is your "Lucky Penny" with the 'year' of your choice.  Most customers choose their date of birth. 

If you have a special request, please email or call me.......example 6'4" graphite rod with custom threadwork is  $99.00 plus shipping......

     .......and as always, may your "Lucky Penny" bring you luck! 

 Brian "Lucky" Lacy

Oak Handle