Lucky Lacy's Perch Rod
Our "Lucky Lacy" Perch /Crappie Fishing Rods are a (2) piece individually 'Custom Made' with wild cherry wood handles that have (2) layers of a high quality (2) part epoxy, (6) Fuji guides, graphite rod, and a double locking 16mm aluminum reel seat that accepts smaller reels.  Broken down, the (2) piece rod is less than 3' long!!!  The overall length of the perch rod is 56".   This rod is made for the serious fisherman, amateurs, retiree's, teenagers, and children!  ALL AGES!!    

The 'sensitivity' of the (2) PIECE ROD is incredible and even the slightest nibble can be felt helping all types of fisherman.  The wooden handle is very comfortable in the hand and is light weight.  I hand lathe each wild cherry handle so they are similar in appearance, yet unique; none are built the same.  No cookie cutter machine!  This is your personal fishing rod......on the end of each rod is your "Lucky Penny" with the 'year' of your choice....hint....Most customers choose their date of birth.   

As for reels, I recommend a small open face reel that will handle (4 -6) lbs line..... I personally love Shimano reels.....  

  Order yours today by email or a phone call for only $42.00  plus shipping......

         PS: We have Special Edition Perch/Crappies rods made with exotic                 wood handles by special order....these are truly unique                         and exotically beautiful!...... $49 plus shipping  

     .........and as always, may your "Lucky Penny" bring you luck! 

 Brian "Lucky" Lacy

Lucky Lacy's Perch Rods
The Original "Lucky Penny " Wood Handle